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Black Cross plane Nipple Cover

  • Black Cross plane Nipple Cover
2-3 Days
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$12.98 $9.98

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Wholesale nipple cover comes in various sizes and colors to fit very woman's individual breast shape and discretion needs. Black Cross plane Nipple Cover we recommended fit comfortable and do not irritate your skin. They are discreet and perfect to wear under thin, tight fitting clothing helping to prevent these embarrassing and uncomfortable problems.

•Wholesale nipple covers come in a range of styles and colors with different shapes
•Wear nipple covers when wearing sheer clothing or strapless dresses instead of a strapless bra
•Avoid embarrassing moments and keep your nipples guarded from rubbing, rashes ad infection
•Comfortable, breathable and can be effectively worn in any activity

Category Removed Items
Color Black
Material Spandex
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