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4prs Gold Sequins Pentacle Nipple Cover

  • Product Code: 0591
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $12.59
  • $6.59

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4prs Gold Sequins Pentacle Nipple Cover

The use of nipple covers is becoming more and more common, particularly with the greater acceptance of the human body. 4prs Gold Sequins Pentacle Nipple Cover is one of our new designs highly recommend to you, gleaming sequin pasties in star shape, 4prs/bag, these adhesive coverings are used to cover and protect nipples giving a sexy perfect breast shape while wearing see-through apparel as well as backless clothes.

•Wholesale nipple covers come in a range of styles and colors with different shapes
•Wear nipple covers when wearing sheer clothing or strapless dresses instead of a strapless bra
•Avoid embarrassing moments and keep your nipples guarded from rubbing, rashes ad infection
•Comfortable, breathable and can be effectively worn in any activity

Category Nipple Covers
Color as shown
Material sequin

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